Spring Coiling

Spring coiling.jpg

In-line spring coiling for every situation

The concept of in-line spring feeding with integrated spring manufacturing offers a cost efficient and flexible way to assemble springs integrating the spring feeding and the spring production in one unit. Our COLOMBI® Spring winders are developed to meet various demands of output rates, spring designs and tolerances. The TeknoDetaljer COLOMBI® Spring Winders are primarily designed to serve assembly lines.

Small compression springs are a vital component in numerous modern products. In many cases springs are economically and efficiently coiled in-line utilizing an automatic coiling and delivery system. TeknoDetaljer offers the smallest foot print in the industry down to 1,25m2 /13,5 sq. feet including tests and heat treatment.

The assembly line sends an electrical signal to the winder system when a spring is needed. When a start signal is sent, the winder or coiling system delivers a spring to the assembly point. Spring coiling, testing and heating is done automatically and the system stops and waits with a processed and approved spring ready for delivery.

In the Orbit different kinds of post manufacturing treatments such as load and length control of all manufactured springs is performed. The springs are also heat treated in order to reduce the built in stress. A spring found to be inadequate is sorted out while good springs are sent to the assembly point through a tube.