Together with two other companies from Järfälla, TeknoDetaljer has been nominated for Sustainability Company of the Year by Företagarna in Järfälla.

In the nomination you can read:

“This year's Sustainability Award goes to a company or an entrepreneur who makes great efforts to promote economic, social or environmental sustainability. It could be a company or an entrepreneur working in their business to find solutions that support sustainable development - for example through resource management, ethical responsibility, or an inclusive way of working. "

As far as sustainability is concerned, TeknoDetaljer early on in 2015 invested in a 950 m² solar cell plant on the roof of the factory. The solar cell plant has contributed to lower energy costs, but above all it is a contribution to a better environment.

"We will continue our environmental work with high quality and commitment. That our continuous improvement work is recognized feels very good and makes us motivated to continue in the same spirit" says Maud Palnér, Environmental Coordinator at TeknoDetaljer.

The winner of the prize will be revealed on May 13!