Virtual factory tour

In Sweden students in 8th grade normally do an internship at companies to get familiar with different workplaces and professions. This year all internships were cancelled due to the pandemic. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic many companies have implemented visitors’ restrictions, therefore company visits were not allowed. To give the students a chance to still gain knowledge and to raise interest in technical professions, TeknoDetaljer decided to join a group of companies pioneering in arranging virtual workplace visits.

On May 5 students from Källtorpsskolan could participate in a live virtual tour of TeknoDetaljer. The students were able to get acquainted with common professions at an industrial company and see the production flow where spring coilers and precision parts are manufactured. After the tour, the students showed great interest and asked many relevant questions about how it is to work in production, for example as a CNC-operator.