Sustainable Development


Our company is actively working on environmental issues and for sustainable development.

TeknoDetaljer contributes to the UN and EU climate target and a sustainable development with the installation of solar panels and LED luminaires in cooperation with REXEL Energy Solutions. The installations were successfully completed end of 2014. Through the investment in renewable energy and LED TeknoDetaljer becomes one of the most climate smart engineering companies in Sweden.

The solar panel installation has a total area of 950 m². In total, the company has installed 594 solar panels manufactured by LG MONO 295Wp Neon X and completed the exchange of all luminaires to LED. In total these two measures gives a 70% reduction of the company's annual purchase of electrical energy corresponding to a saving of 300,000 kg annually in CO2 emissions.

Our products are robustly engineered for long time 24/7 service with a low requirement of spare parts and energy consumption over the years. Even after more than 10 years in service our products can be easily renovated and up-dated for an extended life time of several years.

Our efforts in manufacturing have since long resulted in a very efficient system for sorting and recycling of scrap and waste. By better optimizing our production we continuously strive to reduce waste. The use of chemicals have in many cases ceased or been reduced to an absolute minimum by the introduction of new production processes.